We will meet again.

This is not the end. No way. You'r not going anywhere. Not in my heart anyway. I love you baby, I always have and I alwas will. You'r maby not so strong right now but you will recover, right? You have to! What will I do with out you? It's you and me forever. You know that, I know that and if it's the end in this world we'll meet in the next. So why does this hurt so much?
I know the answer, so do you. We love each other. I've known you for a long time but I'm not ready to say good bye. Even though it's not good bye.
What can I do? How can I help you? I will be there, holding your hand when you are scared. I wont cry if it makes you feel better. But you need to do something for me too. Fight baby, fight. Fight the evel as long you can stand up. Then you will have a chance.

Love you, Z.

Postat av: Amanda


2011-04-18 @ 23:33:59
URL: http://myatoz.blogg.se/

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